søndag 8. januar 2012

Welcome to Fram Films New Webpages!

The new pages will show more examples of our work, at the same time, this new blog will give updates on our projects.

We will continue to work in the commercial arena, alongside projects in the artistic arena projects that are at the core of our company. Next up is a short film in Berlin, a short documentary in Prague and commercial projects for the maritime, oil and health sector in Bergen, Norway.

Fram Film is now also a part of Venture Pictures AS, which is a development company for feature films and  TV entertainment. The Company has developed two feature film scripts, one of them now in pre-production. The company has also developed a TV- series concept, which is being presented through an American collaborator for TV network and investors in the US.

We look forward to 2012 and believe it will be a great year for artistic visuals!


Fram Film